Tesla Model 3



2018 - present

Seating 5
Body Fastback sedan
Doors 4
Charge Time 71km per hour
Quick Charge 270km in 30 mins
Battery Type 50/62/75kwh
Max Speed 250km/h
Range 500km

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Tesla Model 3

EV Review

Although originally intended to be an electric car for the masses, the Tesla Model 3 is instead more of an all-electric alternative to compact luxury sedans. The promised $35,000 Model 3 is now available only by special order, meaning the least expensive version available to order online starts at $41,100—in the territory of the BMW 3-series and the Mercedes-Benz C-class. The Model 3’s available driving range starts at 240 miles for the base Standard Range Plus Battery model and goes up to 310 for the Long Range Battery model.

Standard Range Battery: $36,600
Standard Range Plus Battery: $41,100
Long Range Battery: $51,100
Performance: $61,100

The Standard Range Plus Battery model is the best value. It provides 240 miles of driving range, which should be enough for the majority of drivers. This model also comes with desirable features such as heated front seats and navigation.

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