BMW Active E




Seating 4
Voltage 230V
Body Coupe
Charge Time 10-12 hours
Quick Charge 4-5 hours
Battery Type 32 kwh
Max Speed 145km/h
Range 161km

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Bmw active e is an electric Coupe Vehicle which has one motor on rear axel that makes it rear wheel drive

Its electric motor is capable of producing 168 horsepower

Having an electric motor makes your car use every last drop of its torque which is available from Zero rpm

The idea behind designing bmw active e is a small family car based on bmw series-1 but in electric manner

This Coupe has 2 door and room for 4 person which is good comparing to its size, its trunk has room to holdup 10 cu ft of cargo

maximum speed in this model is 145 kilometers per hour and your Bmw accelerate and reach 100 km/h as low as 9 seconds 

Standard model comes with an automated gear shift , sunroof , electric mirror

and you can choose between various exterior and interior options

quick charge takes 4-5 hours which is almost long comparing to other electric cars and full charging time is almost 12 hours

When it comes to range and you need to travel this model has 32 kWh lithium-ion battery pack and with a full charge your Bmw can travel up to 161 kilometers  !

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