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Bollinger B1: Review

With many new ev trucks and 4WDs rolling out, it is sometimes tricky to find the type of ev of the off-road genre you want. So, bearing this in mind, Bollinger Motors has taken one step ahead as it executes production plans of 4WDs which are neither gas nor diesel fuelled. It is however not surprising that Robert Bollinger’s eye-catching B1 is retro-inspired from his fondness for off-roader classics like the Land Rover Defender.

The B1 was debuted in the year 2018 and has what Bollinger described as an “All-Aluminum Body”. Although it has received over 19,000 pre-orders, the MSRP is yet to be announced, however, this “sport utility truck” is expected to cost around $60,000.  It has a range of 200 miles and can also seat up to four passengers. Soon, an all-electric pickup will follow the B1 and it will be called the Bollinger 2.

Recently, the co-founder and CEO, Robert Bollinger revealed one of the future goals of the company – Bollinger Motors plans to assemble their own vehicles in 2020, precisely in the summertime, but with limited production.

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